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Endure Layoffs, Succeed with Reskilling and Upskilling

The past few years have been some of our lives’ most aggressive and challenging times. From emerging COVID-19 waves to record-high inflation and growing fears of recession, the world is constantly in flux.

Right now, many companies are making the tough decision to let go of their talent. Many companies are implementing hiring freezes or cutting budgets. Everyone is reacting to accommodate for an economic slowdown. In the face of market volatility, inaction is not an option for business leaders.

Why upskilling is an integral part of a recession-proof talent strategy?

Upskilling and reskilling show that organizations care about their people’s careers and futures. So, through Garranto  – a robust career, better employment opportunities, and experience within the company are offered. In this way, organizations can take advantage of the growing expertise.

Through upskilling and reskilling, employees quickly become experts at what they are doing; the more they explore, the more they start seeing things from a different perspective. The training equips them to come up with fresh and better ways of doing their core jobs. It stirs up their level of efficiency. The result? An improved business and individual performance.

Upskilling and reskilling help your employees stay updated with the industry trends, empowering them with the knowledge to offer outstanding customer service to the clients. And when clients are happy, they are willing to pay more and become solid brand advocates for you.

Upskilling & reskilling give staff a motivation boost. Their newfound skills allow them to work more efficiently with others in the team. They feel more poised about themselves and their work. This helps them gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose. When they feel challenged and valued at work, it helps organizations increase their loyalty.

With the right insights, people can gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities, learnability, and career path options within the company. It enables them to work towards specific desired outcomes and shows them they are critical to the company’s future success. Aligning those outcomes and career paths with the future capabilities needed at the organizational level turns to upskill into a strategic competitive advantage.

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