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About Company:

What We Offer

Rent 2 Own offers easy, simple and fast solutions for people who can’t afford to invest in white goods or motorcycles out of pocket. We offer rental contracts, at the end of which customers own the product, and cash and educational loans. The first point of contact with Rent 2 Own is often the point of sale; the motorcycle dealer or the retailer. But we also provide our services directly, through regional Rent 2 Own offices and online shops.

2 and 3 wheelers

When a refrigerator or washing machine needs to be replaced, sometimes suddenly, this confronts families with a sudden sizable expenditure. Rent 2 Own helps customers who can’t afford to pay the full cost of white goods upfront by providing a flexible rental service, at the end of which they own the product.  


Life insurance is included as well. In case of death, the contract ends and your family owns the motorcycle

  • As accidents may happen on the road on daily basis, Rent 2 Own's package comes with a road insurance
  • Any road accident may thus be entirely covered by our insurance policy
  • Third party liability is also provided