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Explore FinTech solutions in exploring complex real-world problems and strategically assess technological innovation in shaping the future of finance. Join the skillful community who already jumpstart their professional growth with Garranto FinTech.

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Agile Transformation

Focus on creating an agile culture, in order to build faster and more adaptive business models. Garranto FinTech will help professionals and leaders to overcome their toughest challenges and elevate performance in the financial industry.

Artificial intelligence

Discover the possibilities that AI provides in pursuit of opportunities in the financial industry. Whether you’re a business leader, an entrepreneur, or a software developer, this will lead you to understand and use AI technologies and methods.


Gain a solid understanding of this emerging technology that is shaping FinTech today. It will help you master the strategic role of blockchain in financial services and leverage it to improve customer experience and service quality.

Cyber security

Understand what is at stake and how to protect it effectively. You will have an in-depth understanding of cyber security so that you can avoid threats, mitigate risk and ensure the safety of your customers’ sensitive data.

Data science

Acquire high-end skills that you need in order to work professionally with data science. Learn various pillars of data science in combination with feature engineering, machine learning techniques, and generalized algorithms.

Human centered design

Explore design tools and insights from the world of product design and interaction design, and learn how we can apply them to our work in Fintech.  It is in this approach where innovation taps into real people’s hope, needs, and aspirations.

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